Welcome to the New Sound Music Group Website.  New Sound Music Group is a performing arts production company with the theme of providing "music with a touch of class."   We provide quality entertainment by the various artist that are on our roster.  We also offer training courses in the area of sacred music.  Our artist's include: 

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Keith Reed Jr. and New Sound of Worship Live Recording

Long Street Studios, 300 E. Long Street , Columbus, Ohio

Join Keith Reed Jr. and New Sound of Worship as they record live October 1st.

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Worshiper Stay Encouraged  

We are now only 9 days into the new year and I don't know about anyone else but it's been a doosy.  I have seen people act out of character, people experiencing health challenges and financial bondage, and in general just life in general.  But as I type these words even on tonight I want to encourage you that God always looks at things with a mindset of seeing things as he spoke it into creation so what I mean is if he spoke victory in the area of health, he sees you healthy even if your now moment doesn't show the manifestation just yet.  We have to understand that God operates in the true reality and we are waiting to catch up to his time table.  My fellow worshipers as we are embarking to move forward in the year of 2016 let's be violent about the things of God for the scriptures declare that "the kingdom suffereth violence and the violent take it by force."  Let's not live beneath our privilege and be bold and take back our rightful authority as a child of the king! 


Getting Ready For The New Year - Keith Reed Jr.  

Greetings all, 

I am so excited to introduce this new phase for our online community.   The Worshiper's Corner is going to be a blog dedicated to the encouragement of worshiper's of the Father.  In this first blog I want to encourage you to the meaning of what a worshiper truly is.  I had the privilege to attend a conference about two years that revolutionized my mindset of what a worshiper truly is.  The workshop was conducted by Bishop John Stevenson and he stated this as the definition of worshiper. 

"One who is intimately acquainted with, and has a daily relationship with God exhibited through obedience." (pg. 29 from Worshiper by Design by Bishop John Stevenson)  

As we end 2015 and go into 2016 let's strive to be the worshiper's that God has purposed and designed for us to be.  

Devotional Thought: Read Genesis 22