1. Revelation

From the recording Revelation

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©® 2019 Written by Keith Reed Jr.
Produced by Sean Scales
Additional Background Arrangements Tamara Lloyd
Mixing Sean Scales
Mastering Leonardo Butler

Keyboards - Sean Scales
Drums - Garren Smith
Bass - Walter Barnes

Background Vocals
Tamara Lloyd
Christina Myles
Na'sha Watkins

Photography by Stephen Bustos
Wardrobe Styling Aaron Hollingsworth
Cover Design MrInam

Special Thanks,

I want to say thank you to The Lord Jesus Christ for entrusting me with the gift of music. Thank you to the awesome musician and vocalists who helped flesh this piece out you guys are amazing. To my brother and friend Sean Scales man this is only the first of many times I’ll be calling you to produce, I appreciate your spirit of excellence and the overwhelming support you provided during this process. Aaron Hollingworth you’re an awesome brother and I appreciate you more than you know. Much love and respect to my immediate family thank you for your support. To The Destiny Church International and Pastor Theodore Ceasar thank you for
allowing me to serve you. To everyone who purchases this single may God richly bless you!

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